CASE Delivers Electric Backhoe Loaders to Utilities in New York


CASE delivers the company's new electric backhoes to utility companies in New York.

Southern Company Leads Hydrogen R&D Effort to Achieve Net-Zero Goals

Southern Company is starting research and development for hydrogen and natural gas blending.

Semtech Corporation and AO-T Transform Legacy Meters


Semtech Corporation and Alpha-Omega Technology have developed a new line of smart meter interface modules for enterprise and consumer utility management.

GSSI UtilityScan Locates Safely, Efficiently, Economically


GSSI releases UtilityScan to locate specific power sources underground.

Ashcroft Introduces New Pressure Gauge


The heavy-duty Ashcroft 5503 low-differential pressure gauge now offers extra protection against a wide variety of corrosive liquids and gases. The new “LH” option adds Ashcroft 700 series diaphragm seals with flexible capillaries to any 5503 gauge, rangin..

Put the Squeeze on PE with REED Bear Hug


REED released the Bear Hug polyethylene squeeze tool system.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro Releases VIBROSTORE 100 for Machine Health Monitoring


Brüel & Kjær introduces a new hand held device for the health monitoring of rotating machinery.

EQT and Project Canary Partner on Certified Responsibly Sourced Natural Gas Pilot

EQT partnered with Project Canary to develop a responsibly sourced natural gas pilot.

PSE&G Receives Approval for Smart Meters


PSE&G has been approved for smart meters that will improve real-time communication to both the company and customers.

ICC Approved Ameren Illinois’ Natural Gas Modernization Plan

Ameren Illinois has been approved for its natural gas modernization plan which will increase the company's technology usage and pipeline replacements.

Companies Partner to Provide Gas Leak Detection and Monitoring Solutions


Senet partners with CNIguard and Semtech to deliver natural gas leak detection and monitoring solutions.

Natural Gas Thermally Activated Shutoffs Provide Added Safety


Massachusetts has adopted the requirement of a new tool that can provide added safety to natural gas customers.

United Poly Systems Announces Crystal Line HDPE Pipe


United Poly Systems launched its new Crystal Line family of HDPE pipe that comes in three variations.

Nicor Gas Reaches 2.2 Million Meter Modernization Milestone


Nicor Gas installs over 2.2 million upgraded meters with its new program.

Gulf Energy Information Launches H2Tech Journal for the Hydrogen Community

Gulf Energy Information launches H2Tech, a quarterly hydrogen technology journal for the hydrogen community.

John Deere and National Grid Joint Test the Partnership’s First Electric-Powered Backhoe

John Deere has announced an electric backhoe concept.

Con Edison Installs Smart Gas Detectors to Protect Against Leaks

Con Edison installs smart gas detectors to protect pipes from leaks.

Vermeer Acquires Electric Directional Drill and Fluid Management Technology

Vermeer will now provide electric-powered horizontal directional drilling and fluid systems technology.

Entergy Reaches Milestone with 2M Advanced Meters Installed


Entergy reached its goal of installing two million advanced meters.

Smithfield Foods and Dominion Energy Launch an RNG Project in Utah


A new RNG project in Utah captures methane from hog raising operations to convert into clean energy.

Heath Consultants Releases EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier


Heath Consultants released the EI-5 Ethane Gas Identifier which can show the difference between gas distributed by a utility and naturally occurring gas.

Highfield Features Gas Safety Valves


Prevent and deescalate fires with a Highfield safety valve that can be used on gas meters.

GTI Offers a VR Training Trial


GTI is offering a VR training for natural gas workers which will engage in scenario-based critical missions.

Reed Manufacturing Releases Smooth Pipe Bevels with REED Bevel Boss


Reed Manufacturing adds a new cordless pipe bevel to its product line.

Bidgely and SoCalGas Use AI to Improve Gas Utility Performance


Bidgely and Southern California Gas Company worked together to use AI to disaggregate appliance-level energy usage from smart and monthly-read meter data.

Top Gas Utility Companies Collaborate on Hydrogen Blending Demonstration Program

Southern California Gas and San Diego Electric are working together to create California's first Hydrogen Blending Demonstration Program.

Air Systems International Launches Air-Light EX, an Explosion Proof LED Light


A new explosion-proof DC powered portable LED light called Air-Light EX has been introduced to the market by Air Systems International.

GF Piping Systems Added a New Product that Handles Aggressive Media Without Corrosion


GF Piping Systems announced the addition of SYGEF ECTFE to its product line of engineered piping systems.

Heath Introduces Remote Methane Leak Detector - Complete Solution to its Product Lineup


Heath Consultants introduced the Remote Methane Leak Detector – Complete Solution, an all-in-one tool that eliminates the separate transceiver and receiver needed in previous models.

McElroy Releases the DataLogger 7 Tablet


McElroy has released the DataLogger7 which has advancements in battery technology, processing power and integration capabilities in a form of a tablet.

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