Freeze in Texas Leaves Millions in North Mexico Without Power

Freezing temperatures in Texas led to millions of customers in northern Mexico to be without power.

Natural Gas Leak Prompts Airport Evacuations in Boeing Field

An airport in Seattle required evacuations on Friday due to a natural gas leak.

Utilities Urge Customers to Conserve Due to Chilly Weather

As cold temperatures continue to decrease, utility companies urge customers to conserve energy.

Nicor Gas Prepares for Cold Weather


The Polar Vortex brought cold weather which means gas utility companies must work extra to provide reliable service to customers.

Utilities Unite to Cut Wildfire Risk

A group of utilities came together to spend billions on reducing wildfire risk in California.

NextDecade Completes Evaluation of Galveston Bay LNG Site

An evaluation of the Galveston Bay LNG site was determined not suitable for an LNG facility and related infrastructure and utilities.

PSE&G Receives Approval for Smart Meters


PSE&G has been approved for smart meters that will improve real-time communication to both the company and customers.

ICC Approved Ameren Illinois’ Natural Gas Modernization Plan

Ameren Illinois has been approved for its natural gas modernization plan which will increase the company's technology usage and pipeline replacements.

Companies Partner to Provide Gas Leak Detection and Monitoring Solutions


Senet partners with CNIguard and Semtech to deliver natural gas leak detection and monitoring solutions.

Nicor Gas Reaches 2.2 Million Meter Modernization Milestone


Nicor Gas installs over 2.2 million upgraded meters with its new program.

ICC OKs Report on Condition of NG Delivery Network in Chicago

An approved study on natural gas delivery network in Chicago will increase public and consumer safety.

Officials Say Apparent Gas Main Rupture Overturns Car, Killing Driver

Apparent gas main rupture kills one after the forceful release of gas overturned a car.

Congress Makes Strides to Enhance Pipeline Safety and Support Communities

The American Gas Association backs new legislation passed by Congress supports pipeline safety, energy provisions and community protections.

U.S. Department of Labor Implements Inspection Program to Target Workplaces with Highest Injury and Illness Rates

The U.S. Department of Labor is updating its inspection program to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

Natural Gas Suspected in Fatal Omaha House Explosion

A house explosion in Nebraska led to 1 person killed and 2 people critically injured.

Highfield Features Gas Safety Valves


Prevent and deescalate fires with a Highfield safety valve that can be used on gas meters.

NYSEARCH Releases Study for Natural Gas Dispersion and Detection in Residential Environments


A recent study, conducted by NYSEARCH, used modeling and physical testing to understand how natural gas is dispersed in residential structures.

CoServ Gas Receives National Award for Safety from American Gas Association


CoServ received the 2019 Safety Achievement Award from the American Gas Association.

Con Edison Providing Smart Gas Detectors In Major Breakthrough For Customer Safety


Con Edison is installing 376,000 smart-technology natural gas detectors for customers in New York City and Westchester County, New York, providing an unprecedented level of protection against potentially dangerous leaks.

ICC Approves Independent Report on Condition of Natural Gas Delivery Network in Chicago


An extensive independent study that found the Peoples Gas program to replace aging natural gas pipes will increase public and customer safety has been approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

As California burns, the winds arrive and the lights go out

PG&E turns off the power for its 172,000 customers as wildfires roll in.

PG&E’s Safety Action Center Reaches One Million Californians at Anniversary of Launch


More than one million Californians have used resources at the Safety Action Center, a website created by Pacific Gas and Electric Company filled with safety tips and emergency preparation guides.

Honeywell Announces Expansion of Portable Multi-gas Monitoring Solutions


Honeywell announces new multi-gas monitoring solutions that work seamlessly together to help keep workers safe and confident while in hazardous areas.

Atlanta Gas Light Launches 'Do Your Part' Safe Digging Campaign


Atlanta Gas Light launched the Do Your Part campaign, an effort aimed to remind contractors and the public the importance of calling 811 for digging projects large and small.