Oregon Governor Signs Ambitious Clean Energy Bill

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a clean energy bill to reach 100% clean energy by 2040.

SoCalGas Aims to Advance Hydrogen Technologies Through its Program "Earthshot"

Southern California Gas Co. submitted its hydrogen program to the U.S. Department of Energy to help kickstart its hydrogen innovations.

Pine Tree Power Veto Sustained In Maine

Lawmakers sustained Maine's Governor Janet Mills' veto to replace two power companies with a consumer-owned utility.

Regulators Finalize Fines for Utilities Over Isaias Response

Regulators finalized millions of dollars in fines for failures in two electricity companies' storm responses.

Supporters, Foes Weigh in on Utility Bill on Governor’s Desk

Several people push for Maine's Gov. Janet Mills to veto a bill that would scrap two utility companies and replace them with a consumer-owned utility.

Abbott Demands PUC Act More Aggressively to Shore Up Grid

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott seeks fast action from regulators to shore up the power grid.

Tennessee Valley Authority Considers Replacing Coal with Gas

A public utility proposes to shut down some of its coal plants to switch to natural gas.

West Virginia Regulators to Hold Hearing on Proposed Gas Company Sale

Officials in West Virginia will hold a public hearing on a company's purchase of Mountaineer Gas Co.

US Appeals Court Ruling Setback for St. Louis-Area Pipeline

A federal court struck down the approval of a 65-mile natural gas pipeline.

New Mexico Weighs Rules for Community Solar Program

New Mexico regulators are developing a set of rules for solar projects in the state.

Regulators Approve 195-megawatt Solar Farm for Central Indiana

Indiana state regulators approved a request to build a solar farm that could power more than 30,000 homes.

Duke Energy Seeks Subsequent License Renewal for Oconee Nuclear Station

Duke Energy applied for a 20-year renewal to operate the Oconee Nuclear Station that provides carbon-free electricity to customers.

Solar Plants Draw Concerns from Louisiana Farmers, Officials

Local and state officials say farmers are being crowded by the push to build solar plants in Louisiana.

Federal Judge Bocks Biden’s Pause on New Oil, Gas Leases

A federal judge blocks the Biden administration's pause on new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

Santee Cooper Survives as a Public Company

South Carolina's state-owned utility, Santee Cooper, will continue to be a public company after officials voted on June 8.

Utility’s Green Energy Plan Fuels Debate in Kansas, Missouri

A Kansas utility company energy plan causes debate with regulators.

New Mexico Amends Rules to Prohibit Oil and Gas Spills

A new rule in New Mexico will make it unlawful for oil and gas drillers to spill liquid waste.

Arizona Utility Regulators Advance New Energy Mandates Plan

A renewable energy requirement for utilities in Arizona has advanced but under a slower timetable.

AGA Supports Intent of TSA Cybersecurity Regulations

The American Gas Association released a statement in support of the TSA cybersecurity regulations.

Natural Gas Terminal Plans in Oregon on Pause

A liquified natural gas pipeline is on pause after Oregon officials reversed two of its permits.

$302M in BP Oil Spill Money Budgeted to Restore Ecosystems

Texas may receive up to $79 million in restoration money from a BP oil spill.

‘Fossil Fuel Sanctuary State’ Bill Stalls in Louisiana House

A bill affecting oil and gas in Louisiana stalled last week.

New Mexico Gas Co. Seeks to Recover Spike in Gas Costs

New Mexico Gas Company filed to recover costs from the February freeze that caused massive rate hikes for natural gas.

Regulators Rebuke PG&E for Neglect in Reducing Wildfire Risk

California regulators reprimanded PG&E for its lack of efforts to maintain safe equipment to prevent wildfires.

Duke Energy Responds to NCUC's Decision on Duke Energy Progress' 2019 Rate Request

Duke Energy responds to the North Carolina Utilities Commission's order to take additional steps before introducing a rate change.

US Looks to Keep Critical Sectors Safe from Cyberattacks

Officials are looking into ways to protect critical industries from cyberattacks.

Pacific Gas & Electric Charged for 2019 Wildfire

A California district attorney filed 33 criminal charges against Pacific Gas & Electric for a 2019 wildfire that was caused by the utility's equipment.

Utility Fined $900K for Gas Pipeline Violations

Regulators in Indiana fined CenterPoint for pipeline violations.

Conflict Continues Over Gas Pipeline in the Northeast

A natural gas pipeline to stretch from New Jersey to New York is battling regulatory issues to begin work on the project.

Louisiana Regulators: Spread High Heating Costs Across Bills

Utility regulators in Louisiana are advocating for utility companies to spread high bill costs among multiple bills to soften the blow to customers.

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