Blackouts Cause Oil and Gas Production to Fall in North Dakota

Blackouts in North Dakota caused temporary shut downs for oil and gas production.

Heating Bills Skyrocket for Nebraska Residents

Heating bills more than tripled for many Nebraska residents due to high demand and lack of supply.

US LNG Exports: Uneven Pathway from Oilfields to Terminals


Analysts believe a second wave of global LNG demand is coming in the mid-part of this decade, despite 2020's severe downturn in global energy markets.

Underground Natural Gas Storage Reaches Near-Record Withdraws

Underground natural gas storage is seeing near record withdraws due to cold weather.

New Two-Day Record for U.S. Natural Gas Delivery

A new two-day record was reached for natural gas delivery in the U.S. during days of record-breaking freezing temperatures.

Nicor Gas Prepares for Cold Weather


The Polar Vortex brought cold weather which means gas utility companies must work extra to provide reliable service to customers.

Northwestern Energy Announces New Natural Gas Plant

Northwestern Energy is opening a new natural gas plant in South Dakota.

PG&E Seeks Buyers for Pleasant Creek Natural Gas Storage in CA

Pacific Gas and Electric Company plans to sell its Pleasant Creek natural gas storage field located in Yolo County, California.