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Oregon Governor Signs Ambitious Clean Energy Bill

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a clean energy bill to reach 100% clean energy by 2040.

PNM Customers with Unpaid Bills May Face Shutoffs in August

Customers of PNM are urged to contact the company before shutoffs begin.

No One Hurt in Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Kansas

No one was hurt in a natural gas pipeline explosion on July 22 in Kansas.

Common Ground Alliance Releases Newest Edition of Best Practices Guide

The Common Ground Alliance has released a new edition of its Best Practices Guide.

California Utility Equipment May Be Linked to Dixie Fire

The equipment owned by Pacific Gas & Electric may have been the cause of the Big Dixie fire in Nevada.

Regulators Finalize Fines for Utilities Over Isaias Response

Regulators finalized millions of dollars in fines for failures in two electricity companies' storm responses.

Supporters, Foes Weigh in on Utility Bill on Governor’s Desk

Several people push for Maine's Gov. Janet Mills to veto a bill that would scrap two utility companies and replace them with a consumer-owned utility.

Utilities to Refund Customers Fees from Tainted Energy Bill

Three utility companies in Ohio will refund money for revenue from a tainted energy bill.

Minnesota Gas Utilities Overbilled Customers by $380M

A winter storm led Minnesota utilities to mismanage their natural gas purchases which led to the overbilling of customers.

Alabama Power Utility Hit by Ransomware Attack

A power utility in Alabama was it with a ransomware attack that temporarily blocks customers from accessing their account information.

Tennessee Valley Authority Considers Replacing Coal with Gas

A public utility proposes to shut down some of its coal plants to switch to natural gas.

Caterpillar Releases Two New Excavators

Caterpillar introduces two new excavators to its product lineup.

Sapphire Technologies Named Finalist in GS Beyond Energy Innovation Challenge's GS Beyond Energy Innovation Challenge names Sapphire Technologies as a finalist.

Deadly Gas Line Blast Kills Workers in Texas

Two workers were killed and three injured in a gas pipeline explosion in Farmersville, Texas.

Terri Oliva Joins AGA as Chief Financial Officer

The American Gas Association introduces Terri Olivia as the association's chief financial officer.

Consumers Energy Announces Plan to End Coal Use by 2025

Consumers Energy proposes a plan to stop coal use by 2025 and replace it with natural gas and other cleaner energy sources.

Federal Judge Bocks Biden’s Pause on New Oil, Gas Leases

A federal judge blocks the Biden administration's pause on new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

Utility’s Green Energy Plan Fuels Debate in Kansas, Missouri

A Kansas utility company energy plan causes debate with regulators.

Electric Generation Mix Shifts from Coal to Natural Gas Reduces CO2 Emissions

Power generation switches from coal to natural gas have significantly reduced CO2 emissions throughout the U.S.

Natural Gas Exports and Natural Gas for Electricity Reached Record Highs in 2020

Natural gas for electricity and exports reached record highs in 2020.

GE Releases Position Paper on Energy Transition with Gas Power and Renewables

GE published a position paper focused on gas power and renewables in South Africa.

Washington State Utility Has No Plans for Power Shut Offs for Fires

Avista Utilities in Washington state does not plan to shut off power to protect wildfires from spreading.

Southern Gas Association Announces Winners of the Innovative Tech Forum

The Southern Gas Association announces its Innovation Tech Forum winners for the event that will be held on July 1.

AGA Supports Intent of TSA Cybersecurity Regulations

The American Gas Association released a statement in support of the TSA cybersecurity regulations.

Malta Partners with Duke Energy to Study Converting Coal Units into Clean Energy

Malta and Duke Energy study the possible benefits of converting coal into clean energy.

Plastics Pipe Conference and Trade Show to be Held September 6–8, 2021 in Amsterdam

Plastics Pipe has announced the dates for its rescheduled conference and trade show to be held in Amsterdam.

Nicor Gas Continues to Offer Bill Payment Assistance to Customers

Nicor Gas continues to offer bill payment assistance to customers but they must sign up before May 31 for the program.

Utility-Backed Natural Gas Booklets Spark Backlash at School

Eversource was criticized for providing natural gas booklets for elementary school children that promote the use of natural gas.

CenterPoint Energy Launches New Programs to Benefit Customers

CenterPoint Energy launches a new energy efficient product, educational marketplace, and instant rebate program in Indiana.

Southern Company Gas Launches a Sustainability Magazine to Increase Corporate Transparency

Southern Company Gas launches a sustainability magazine to showcase corporate sustainability and transparency.