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CPS Energy Launches Next Phase of Energy Efficiency Plan

CPS Energy is launching its next phase of its energy plan.

CASE Delivers Electric Backhoe Loaders to Utilities in New York


CASE delivers the company's new electric backhoes to utility companies in New York.

PECO Customers Saw Improved Electric Service in 2020

PECO improved service reliability to customers in 2020.

Gas Line Break Causes Fire in Phoenix

A fire started after a gas main broke in Phoenix.

Senator Seeks Probe of Natural Gas Price Spikes During Storm

A senator is calling for federal investigations into possible natural gas price gauging in regions hit by severe weather last week.

New Two-Day Record for U.S. Natural Gas Delivery

A new two-day record was reached for natural gas delivery in the U.S. during days of record-breaking freezing temperatures.

Texas Focuses on Natural Gas to Electricity Plants Due to Cold Weather

The Texas Railroad Commission releases a statement prioritizing natural gas supplies to assist with electricity generation.

Utilities Urge Customers to Conserve Due to Chilly Weather

As cold temperatures continue to decrease, utility companies urge customers to conserve energy.

Piedmont Natural Gas Provides Tips to Lower Bills During the Winter Season


Factors such as cold weather and COVID quarantines can contribute to higher gas bills. Piedmont Natural Gas provides some tips on how to lower these bills during the winter season.

Nicor Gas Prepares for Cold Weather


The Polar Vortex brought cold weather which means gas utility companies must work extra to provide reliable service to customers.

AGA Releases 2021 AGA Playbook

The American Gas Association released a 2021 flip-book that focuses on a clean energy future for the natural gas industry.

National Grid Requests Gas Price Increase for Repairs

National Grid seeks a price increase for gas customers to pay for repairs.

Keystone XL Termination Causes Widespread Job Loss

President Joe Biden halted the Keystone XL pipeline which led to widespread job loss.

PSE&G Receives Approval for Smart Meters


PSE&G has been approved for smart meters that will improve real-time communication to both the company and customers.

ISCO Industries Has Earned ISO Certification

ISCO Industries earned an ISO certification for its Dallas and Birmingham locations.

ICC OKs Report on Condition of NG Delivery Network in Chicago

An approved study on natural gas delivery network in Chicago will increase public and consumer safety.

Con Edison Installs Smart Gas Detectors to Protect Against Leaks

Con Edison installs smart gas detectors to protect pipes from leaks.

APGA Focuses on Industry Safety, Advocacy

APGA Chairman, John Leary talks with Pipeline and Gas Journal about APGA's focus on safety and advocacy within the industry.

Vermont Utility Regulator Reinstates Disconnection Ban

Vermont utility regulators have reinstated a memorandum to stop disconnections for customers that are unable to pay utility bills.

Vermeer Acquires Electric Directional Drill and Fluid Management Technology

Vermeer will now provide electric-powered horizontal directional drilling and fluid systems technology.

Congress Makes Strides to Enhance Pipeline Safety and Support Communities

The American Gas Association backs new legislation passed by Congress supports pipeline safety, energy provisions and community protections.

U.S. Department of Labor Implements Inspection Program to Target Workplaces with Highest Injury and Illness Rates

The U.S. Department of Labor is updating its inspection program to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

SoCalGas Announces H2 Hydrogen Home Project

SoCalGas is developing a demonstration project to show how hydrogen can benefit carbon neutrality.

Smithfield Foods and Dominion Energy Launch an RNG Project in Utah


A new RNG project in Utah captures methane from hog raising operations to convert into clean energy.

Highfield Features Gas Safety Valves


Prevent and deescalate fires with a Highfield safety valve that can be used on gas meters.

GTI Offers a VR Training Trial


GTI is offering a VR training for natural gas workers which will engage in scenario-based critical missions.

Alliant Energy Makes the Switch to Renewable Energy


Alliant Energy makes significant changes to use more renewable energy.

Duke Energy Adopts Trellis Platform to Better Track Energy Needs for Industrial Customers

Trellis Energy and North Carolina-based Duke Energy have merged into one platform to aid large-volume natural gas customers to better manage energy needs.

Bidgely and SoCalGas Use AI to Improve Gas Utility Performance


Bidgely and Southern California Gas Company worked together to use AI to disaggregate appliance-level energy usage from smart and monthly-read meter data.

Plastics Pipe Institute Celebrates its 70-Year Journey


The Plastics Pipe Institute celebrates its 70-year history.

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