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CPS Energy Launches Next Phase of Energy Efficiency Plan

CPS Energy is launching its next phase of its energy plan.

Attorney General in New Mexico Eyes Utility Costs During Freeze

The New Mexico Attorney General's office has placed an inquiry regarding utility costs during the freeze that occurred last week.

Maryland Capital Sues Oil, Gas Companies Over Climate Change

Annapolis, Maryland filed a lawsuit against several oil and gas companies over climate change.

Oklahoma Leaders Pledge to Keep Utility Costs Affordable

Leaders in Oklahoma have vowed to ensure residents do not have to pay high price utility bills due to the winter storm.

Georgia Officials Say Localities Can’t Ban Natural Gas Hookups

Georgia House voted to prevent fuel source connections from bans in order to continue to provide access to affordable and reliable energy.

New Two-Day Record for U.S. Natural Gas Delivery

A new two-day record was reached for natural gas delivery in the U.S. during days of record-breaking freezing temperatures.

Freeze in Texas Leaves Millions in North Mexico Without Power

Freezing temperatures in Texas led to millions of customers in northern Mexico to be without power.

Texas Focuses on Natural Gas to Electricity Plants Due to Cold Weather

The Texas Railroad Commission releases a statement prioritizing natural gas supplies to assist with electricity generation.

Natural Gas Leak Prompts Airport Evacuations in Boeing Field

An airport in Seattle required evacuations on Friday due to a natural gas leak.

Utilities Urge Customers to Conserve Due to Chilly Weather

As cold temperatures continue to decrease, utility companies urge customers to conserve energy.

Southern Company Leads Hydrogen R&D Effort to Achieve Net-Zero Goals

Southern Company is starting research and development for hydrogen and natural gas blending.

Piedmont Natural Gas Provides Tips to Lower Bills During the Winter Season


Factors such as cold weather and COVID quarantines can contribute to higher gas bills. Piedmont Natural Gas provides some tips on how to lower these bills during the winter season.

Utilities Unite to Cut Wildfire Risk

A group of utilities came together to spend billions on reducing wildfire risk in California.

Report: Gas Pipeline Builder Changed Plans Without Approval

A report found that Vermont Gas made several changes to an approved construction plan for a gas pipeline without informing the Public Utility Commission.

NTSB Investigates Deadly House Fire Involving Gas Pipeline

An Oklahoma deadly house fire involving a gas pipeline is under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Southern California Edison to Pay $2B Settlement from Deadly 2018 Fire

California utility reaches a settlement of $2.2 billion for insurance claims made for a 2018 wildfire that was caused by the utility's equipment.

AGA Releases 2021 AGA Playbook

The American Gas Association released a 2021 flip-book that focuses on a clean energy future for the natural gas industry.

Court Upholds Order for Dakota Access Environmental Review

A court order requires an environmental impact review to assess the environmental concerns surrounding The Dakota Access pipeline.

PG&E Will Pay to Clean Harbor Polluted by Gas Plant

Pacific Gas & Electric has agreed to pay to clean up a San Francisco marina that was polluted by a gas plant.

AGA Welcomes New Administration

The American Gas Association releases a statement welcoming the new administration.

AGA Supports DOE Decision on Residential Furnaces and Commercial Water Heaters

The American Gas Association released a statement in support of the U.S. Department of Energy's decision to raise energy efficiency standards.

Nicor Gas Reaches 2.2 Million Meter Modernization Milestone


Nicor Gas installs over 2.2 million upgraded meters with its new program.

Gulf Energy Information Launches H2Tech Journal for the Hydrogen Community

Gulf Energy Information launches H2Tech, a quarterly hydrogen technology journal for the hydrogen community.

WATT Fuel Cell and Peoples Gas Announce Milestone in Residential Fuel Cell Program

WATT Fuel Cell and Peoples Gas have reached a milestone in the partnered residential fuel cell program.

Officials Say Apparent Gas Main Rupture Overturns Car, Killing Driver

Apparent gas main rupture kills one after the forceful release of gas overturned a car.

Vandalism Cut Off Gas for Thousands of Residents in Colorado

Vandalism of Aspen's natural gas system caused outages for thousands of residents.

Vermont Utility Regulator Reinstates Disconnection Ban

Vermont utility regulators have reinstated a memorandum to stop disconnections for customers that are unable to pay utility bills.

New Jersey Natural Gas Extends Customer Bill Credit Through January 2021

Customers of New Jersey Natural Gas will receive a second bill credit through January.

Congress Makes Strides to Enhance Pipeline Safety and Support Communities

The American Gas Association backs new legislation passed by Congress supports pipeline safety, energy provisions and community protections.

SoCalGas Announces H2 Hydrogen Home Project

SoCalGas is developing a demonstration project to show how hydrogen can benefit carbon neutrality.

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