Community & Environment

Oregon Governor Signs Ambitious Clean Energy Bill

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a clean energy bill to reach 100% clean energy by 2040.

Gas Suspected in Deadly House Explosion

Gas is suspected in a Pennsylvania house explosion that has killed at least one person.

SoCalGas Aims to Advance Hydrogen Technologies Through its Program "Earthshot"

Southern California Gas Co. submitted its hydrogen program to the U.S. Department of Energy to help kickstart its hydrogen innovations.

Piedmont Natural Gas Purchases CNG Fueling Station in South Carolina

Piedmont Natural Gas purchased a compressed natural gas station in South Carolina.

New Mexico Seeks Ideas for Restoration from a 2015 Mine Spill

Officials in New Mexico are seeking ways to repair damage caused by a 2015 Mine Spill.

PNM Customers with Unpaid Bills May Face Shutoffs in August

Customers of PNM are urged to contact the company before shutoffs begin.

No One Hurt in Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Kansas

No one was hurt in a natural gas pipeline explosion on July 22 in Kansas.

Duke Energy Florida Announces 4 New Solar Sites

Duke Energy announced the locations of four new solar sites to add to the company's renewable generation.

PG&E Announces New Electric Infrastructure Safety Initiative to Protect Communities from Wildfire Threat

PG&E announces a new initiative to protect communities from wildfire threats by expanding its underground electric distribution power lines.

Gas leak in Texas Home Likely Caused Blast that Injured 6

A gas leak in a home in Dallas was the likely cause of an explosion that injured 6 people.

Pine Tree Power Veto Sustained In Maine

Lawmakers sustained Maine's Governor Janet Mills' veto to replace two power companies with a consumer-owned utility.

Pittsburgh International Airport Launches a First-of-Its-Kind Microgrid Powering with Natural Gas and Solar Energy

Pittsburgh International Airport is the first to power its facility through a natural gas and solar microgrid.

California Utility Equipment May Be Linked to Dixie Fire

The equipment owned by Pacific Gas & Electric may have been the cause of the Big Dixie fire in Nevada.

Regulators Finalize Fines for Utilities Over Isaias Response

Regulators finalized millions of dollars in fines for failures in two electricity companies' storm responses.

Santee Cooper Starts Search for New Utility Leader

Santee Cooper begins a search for a new company leader.

Kubota’s U48-5 Excavator Offers Affordable Customization


The U48-5 compact excavator from Kubota is packed with several advanced features for performance, comfort and customization.

Reed Introduces Double Deep Oiler System


Reed Manufacturing introduces the Double Deep Oiler System designed to protect oil and prevent it from spilling.

Supporters, Foes Weigh in on Utility Bill on Governor’s Desk

Several people push for Maine's Gov. Janet Mills to veto a bill that would scrap two utility companies and replace them with a consumer-owned utility.

Minnesota Gas Utilities Overbilled Customers by $380M

A winter storm led Minnesota utilities to mismanage their natural gas purchases which led to the overbilling of customers.

Abbott Demands PUC Act More Aggressively to Shore Up Grid

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott seeks fast action from regulators to shore up the power grid.

Alabama Power Utility Hit by Ransomware Attack

A power utility in Alabama was it with a ransomware attack that temporarily blocks customers from accessing their account information.

Winter Power Disconnection Threats Banned in Maine

Maine officials proposed a bill to ban utilities from sending customers misleading disconnection notices.

Tennessee Valley Authority Considers Replacing Coal with Gas

A public utility proposes to shut down some of its coal plants to switch to natural gas.

Sapphire Technologies Named Finalist in GS Beyond Energy Innovation Challenge's GS Beyond Energy Innovation Challenge names Sapphire Technologies as a finalist.

West Virginia Regulators to Hold Hearing on Proposed Gas Company Sale

Officials in West Virginia will hold a public hearing on a company's purchase of Mountaineer Gas Co.

Heat Wave Causes Rolling Blackouts for Parts of US Northwest

A record-breaking heatwave in the Northwest U.S. is prompting rolling blackouts for Spokane, Washington residents.

Terri Oliva Joins AGA as Chief Financial Officer

The American Gas Association introduces Terri Olivia as the association's chief financial officer.

Xcel Energy Drops Plan for Minnesota Gas Power Plant

Xcel Energy ended plans for a natural gas plant in Becker due to push back from environmental and clean energy groups.

CenterPoint Seeks Approval to Convert Power Plant to Gas

CenterPoint asks regulators to approve changing a coal plant to natural gas in Indiana.

PSEG Accelerates its Net-Zero Climate Vision to 2030

PSEG accelerates the company's climate initiatives to meet goals by 2030.