NYSEARCH Study for Natural Gas Dispersion and Detection in Residential Environments
15 October 2020

NYSEARCH, an R&D consortium consisting of gas distribution companies across North America, has contracted Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC (FRA) to carry out experimental and modeling work to study the dispersion of natural gas in residential structures and use this data to aid in the development of a detector placement standard to improve the deployment of these detectors.

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BISEP Advantages Over Line Stop Technologies
7 May 2020

Discover the safety benefits of transitioning from line stopping to leak-tight double block and bleed pipeline isolation technology. STATS BISEP® is the true industry-first, leak-tight double block and bleed isolation technology and market leading solution for temporary line plugging. The BISEP offers significant safety advantages over traditional line stop technologies and is available for sizes 3” to 54” and from ambient to 2220 psi pressures. Read about the BISEP sealing capabilities.

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A New Era in Oil and Gas Flow Computing
2 April 2020

Flow computer users are at a critical juncture. The measurement and control technologies they have been using are mostly at the end of life and many of the incumbent new offerings are built on technologies and ideas that are already out of date. Learn how a more integrated, connected and cyber secure architecture can improve flow measurement and profitability at the well pad, the pipeline and the custody transfer station.

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