Transitioning from Line Stopping to Double Block and Bleed Pipeline Isolation Technology
23 April 2020
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Sponsor: STATS Group

Pipeline owners and operators are constantly looking to improve operational safety and reduce time and costs during pipeline maintenance and repair. STATS BISEP® developed more than a decade ago provides industry-first, leak-tight double block and bleed isolation technology for temporary line plugging, offering a leak-tight seal every time.

Traditionally, operators use multiple split tee fittings and lip seal line stopping equipment or temporarily suspend pipeline operation to allow for necessary maintenance to take place safely. The BISEP offers significant safety advantages over traditional line stop technologies and can be deployed through a single hot tap intervention while production is maintained through an integrated bypass, avoiding interruption to production and reducing costs, without compromising safety.

The webinar will highlight the key advantages of the BISEP and how it can be integrated within an operator’s existing fleet of hot tapping and isolation equipment for maximum cost efficiency.

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Bore Design - Constructability Meets Feasibility
25 February 2020
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Sponsor: HardRock Directional Drilling

In this webinar, we will cover topics to assist in both the design and construction phases involving directional drilling. HDD can be a complex and costly portion of any project. There are many factors that restrict and limit what is allowed versus what is practical such as right of way, room for product pull section, existing obstructions, etc.   

As an HDD contractor there are industry standards that need to be adhered to: i.e. 100x pipe size (for radius), standard entry & exit angles (depending on rig size) and work space (depending on rig size). These are some of the basic requirements needed to help ensure a constructible design.

It is our goal to address design issues/requirements (both good and bad) in this webinar, and provide an industry leader’s inside views on how to make a successful drill.

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