New Two-Day Record for U.S. Natural Gas Delivery

By Brianna Rodriguez, Managing Editor

Over the past few days, many U.S. cities faced record-breaking temperatures which also led to a new two-day record for natural gas delivery.

151.7 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas was delivered in the U.S. on February 14 and 149.8 Bcf was delivered on February 15 making Monday the second highest delivery day ever and setting a record for the largest demand for a two-day period, according to the American Gas Association.

Despite the extreme cold across the U.S., the AGA states there were sufficient natural gas supply and delivery capacity for space heating, hot water, cooking, manufacturing, electricity generation and our export agreements with foreign allies.

“Natural gas companies are able to reliably deliver for their customers even in the most challenging circumstances due to thorough preparation and a dependable and resilient delivery system, the importance of which comes into clear focus during extreme weather events like we are seeing right now in many parts of the country,” said AGA President and CEO Karen Harbert.

On February 14, 69.8 Bcf of natural gas flowed to the residential and commercial sector and 27.8 Bcf was used in the industrial sector. 37.7 Bcf of natural gas was used to generate electricity and 12.6 Bcf was exported, either by pipeline to Mexico or transported as liquified natural gas by ship. On February 15, 68.9 Bcf of natural gas flowed to residential and commercial sector, 27.5 Bcf to industrial, 39.7 Bcf to power generation and 9.8 Bcf was exported.

Even with preparation, some natural gas providers are still facing delivery challenges due to the weather.

Texas Gas Service released an update Monday, Feb. 15 stating that they are experiencing freezing gas wells due to the duration of the extreme cold. This challenge is impacting the company’s ability to provide gas to customers.

Millions of customers in northern Mexico are also facing power outages because of the disrupted electricity production in Texas.

While natural gas utilities faced some unprecedented challenges and spot prices climbed in some regions due to spikes in demand, families and businesses that use natural gas were protected from higher prices by the careful planning of their utilities.

Natural gas utilities use multiple long-term contracts that seek to guarantee enough supply to meet demand and to lock-in affordable prices. Utilities also buy natural gas in the summer when it is more affordable and store it to deliver on the coldest days. Thirty-eight percent of the natural gas delivered on February 15 came from storage.

The previous two-day record was set on January 30 and January 31, 2019, when 155 Bcf and 141 Bcf were delivered or exported. Since then, natural gas utilities have added approximately 1.25 million residential customers and 50,000 businesses.


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