Spire is one of the first natural gas companies in U.S. committed to carbon neutrality

Spire announced it is one of the first natural gas companies in the United States to commit to being carbon neutral by midcentury, while also reducing methane emissions with a 53% reduction by 2025.  

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The company has a heavy emphasis on environmental responsibility along with its community, people and leadership according to the performance data found in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index. 

"We know natural gas plays an important part in a sustainable energy future," said Steve Lindsey, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Spire. "That's why we're committed to moving our business forward in a way that protects the planet and supports communities for generations to come." 

Spire is committed to:  

Substantial reductions in methane emissions 

By 2025, Spire's goal is a 53% reduction in gas utility methane emissions from 2005 levels, putting the company well ahead of international standards, which call for a commitment of a 26 to 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions nationwide.  

Spire has already seen success in reductions: 

Since 2005, Spire's utilities have reduced overall methane emissions by 39 percent.  

As an active member of the EPA's Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge program, Spire committed to reducing methane emissions by 5% per year, up from its prior commitment of 2 % per year.  

In fiscal year 2019, Spire invested $287 million to replace 359 miles of aging infrastructure resulting in a 21% leak reduction per 1,000 system miles of distribution pipelines. Over the last five years, Spire reduced leaks per 1,000 system miles by 66%. 

Being a carbon neutral company by midcentury 

In addition to its infrastructure upgrades and methane reduction goals, Spire's natural gas utilities are committed to being carbon neutral by midcentury. 

"Our environmental efforts are important to our customers, and they are important to us, too," Lindsey said. "As a natural gas utility, we will continue to find innovative ways to supply the energy people depend on while striving to become carbon neutral by midcentury." 

Working responsibly 

Spire is also creating sustainable workplaces, eliminating water waste, recycling across all facilities and efficiently fueling its fleet. 

Not only does Spire follow all applicable rules and regulations regarding water management, including the Clean Water Act, the company uses limited water for hydrostatic testing, and, on a more limited basis, in pipeline construction. Spire also repurposes water and uses leading storm water management techniques, spill prevention control, countermeasure plans and conduct audits at construction sites.  

While plans are in the works for a comprehensive recycling program across all facilities, Spire already has several initiatives in place, such as recycling cardboard as well as industrial and universal wastes including fluorescent bulbs, high-efficiency lamps and alkaline batteries.  

Spire is also reducing carbon emissions by using compressed natural gas in nearly 300 of its fleet vehicles (about 13%). 

Access more information about Spire's environmental commitment and the complete CSR report here. 


Brianna Rodriguez contributed to this report.

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