GSSI UtilityScan Locates Safely, Efficiently, Economically

The trend in the GPR utility world has gravitated toward the use of small, portable, and inexpensive units. Leading this standard is GSSI’s UtilityScan system. 

The smallest on the market, weighing only 34 pounds, UtilityScan is built for quick assembly, scanning, and breakdown. When folded down, the system can fit in the back of a small vehicle. This compact size makes it extremely portable and maneuverable around obstacles on busy streets and construction sites. 

UtilityScan uses a wireless tablet-based system with a bigger screen, better viewing experience, and a simplified, Android app-based, user-friendly interface. This means operators need less technical experience to collect and interpret data, leading the way to faster onboarding than previously available.  

A key feature of UtilityScan is its robust wireless antenna, tested for rugged job sites. It incorporates GSSI’s patented HyperStacking technology, which has proven to increase depth penetration in challenging soils, while also providing high near-surface data resolution. IP 65 rated, it is the right tool to handle rain, snow and muddy conditions.  

When equipped with LineTrac, UtilityScan helps locate specific power sources situated underground, including AC power and induced RF energy present in conduits, by integrating electromagnetic (EM) and GPR readings, and producing the image on the screen. 

Originally designed to provide municipalities, electrical contractors, and utility installers with more confidence than relying only on the 811 system, Utility Scan has since been adopted for use in environmental and archaeology applications, due to its small size, portability and cost-effectiveness. 



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