Ralston Instruments Releases the ControlPak Manual Pressure Controller


ControlPak is the first manual pressure controller developed for calibrating pressure instruments with compressed gas.

RegO Introduced the Presto-Tap Test Device


The Presto-Tap is a UL-listed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) system leak test device.

Subsite Electronics Features a Multi-Frequency Utility Locator


Subsite Electronics’ UtiliGuard 2 is a multi-frequency utility locator that is available in standard and advanced models.

John Deere Introduces Slope Control for K-Series Dozers


The K-Series Dozers now have a slope control option to assist operators with grading smooth plantar surfaces.

Supraflow Tee Designed for Branch Connection Projects


The SUPRAFLOW Tee offers an alternative to hot-tap procedures for projects that require a high volume of flow.

SICK Releases FLOWSIC500 for Custody Transfer Mesurement


FLOWSIC500 is designed to provide accurate and precise measurement data.

New Mexico Gas Company Offers Financial Help to Residential and Small Business Customers


New Mexico Gas Company has $1.2 million in financial assistance for residential and small business customers.

The Evolving Renewable Energy Partnership Landscape: Implications for Oil and Gas Majors


The renewable energy boom will continue to accelerate. Oil majors are well-positioned to use JVs and alliances to build renewables businesses, but they’ll need to adapt their partnership approach to win in a low-carbon future.

INGAA Chairman Emphasizes Climate Goals, Importance of Natural Gas


In this interview, INGAA Chairman David Slater discusses promoting natural gas pipeline safety solutions, defending regulatory predictability and other topics.

US LNG Exports: Uneven Pathway from Oilfields to Terminals


Analysts believe a second wave of global LNG demand is coming in the mid-part of this decade, despite 2020's severe downturn in global energy markets.

Polygon Offers Tubes and Bearings Designed to Withstand High Temperatures


Ashcroft introduces a new differential pressure gauge called the Ashcroft 5503.

Vermeer Expands HDD Fluid Management Equipment Line


Vermeer expanded its horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluid management equipment line with the new R600T reclaimer. The new 600-gallons/minute (2,271.3-liters/minute) mud recycling system can pair with maxi-rigs pumping between 300 and 600 gallons/min..

Reed Introduces Bevel Boss Cordless Pipe Bevelers


The Reed Bevel Boss cordless pipe bevelers provide a safe way for operators to bevel pipe in the field.

New Specialized Wall Mounted Gas Monitors


The SERIES U wall mounted gas monitors use unique sensors for optimal performance.

CASE Delivers Electric Backhoe Loaders to Utilities in New York


CASE delivers the company's new electric backhoes to utility companies in New York.

Piedmont Natural Gas Provides Tips to Lower Bills During the Winter Season


Factors such as cold weather and COVID quarantines can contribute to higher gas bills. Piedmont Natural Gas provides some tips on how to lower these bills during the winter season.

Nicor Gas Prepares for Cold Weather


The Polar Vortex brought cold weather which means gas utility companies must work extra to provide reliable service to customers.

Semtech Corporation and AO-T Transform Legacy Meters


Semtech Corporation and Alpha-Omega Technology have developed a new line of smart meter interface modules for enterprise and consumer utility management.

GSSI UtilityScan Locates Safely, Efficiently, Economically


GSSI releases UtilityScan to locate specific power sources underground.

Ashcroft Introduces New Pressure Gauge


The heavy-duty Ashcroft 5503 low-differential pressure gauge now offers extra protection against a wide variety of corrosive liquids and gases. The new “LH” option adds Ashcroft 700 series diaphragm seals with flexible capillaries to any 5503 gauge, rangin..

Put the Squeeze on PE with REED Bear Hug


REED released the Bear Hug polyethylene squeeze tool system.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro Releases VIBROSTORE 100 for Machine Health Monitoring


Brüel & Kjær introduces a new hand held device for the health monitoring of rotating machinery.

PSE&G Receives Approval for Smart Meters


PSE&G has been approved for smart meters that will improve real-time communication to both the company and customers.

Northeast Natural Energy Joins ONE Future


ONE Future increases its membership of companies to 36 with the new membership of Northeast Natural Energy.

Companies Partner to Provide Gas Leak Detection and Monitoring Solutions


Senet partners with CNIguard and Semtech to deliver natural gas leak detection and monitoring solutions.

Natural Gas Thermally Activated Shutoffs Provide Added Safety


Massachusetts has adopted the requirement of a new tool that can provide added safety to natural gas customers.

United Poly Systems Announces Crystal Line HDPE Pipe


United Poly Systems launched its new Crystal Line family of HDPE pipe that comes in three variations.

CenterPoint Energy Announces Two Senior Finance Leadership Appointments


CenterPoint Energy has appointed two senior financial leadership positions.

Nicor Gas Reaches 2.2 Million Meter Modernization Milestone


Nicor Gas installs over 2.2 million upgraded meters with its new program.

Mountaineer Gas Company Joins UGI


UGI has acquired Mountaineer Gas Company in West Virginia.